Postcard Travels on Sunstar Weekend

The greatest sense of fulfillment for every aspiring writer is to be read. It’s a bad habit of mine to look at my stats every now and then. Every digit up my viewership stats makes me want to do a little victory dance. It’s a nice feeling that someone is actually reading (or viewing) my blog.

So imagine my excitement when Sunstar Weekend magazine editor Noel Villaflor contacted me and asked if I would want a bi-monthly column for the publication. I tried to maintain cool while messaging with Noel he could even sense it and said ‘Excited kaayo ai’. It felt like my writing aspirations have been somewhat validated; that people actually read and care for my musings.

Starting this weekend on May 17, you’ll see my column Postcard Travels at Sunstar Weekend twice a month where I’ll be talking about travel, history and culture from my experiences around the world.


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