How Your Nails Can Survive Travel

I openly talk about it to most of my friends. I would have been happy to be born a man–the joys to easily get away with backpacking alone, or peeing on the side street when I really need to go! But since I am born a woman I have to go through certain inconveniences such as menstruation, giving birth and looking pretty.

Doing a mani-pedi is one of my least favorite girly activities because it can be so impractical and time-consuming. You sit there in the salon for an hour and you can’t get any work done, plus you can’t even do anything or touch anything hours after or it will mess up your nails.

I am a pretty rough handler so my perfectly manicured nails usually end up ruined a few hours after, or the next day if I’m lucky. I cannot like a good manicure, and they don’t seem to like me either.

So girls, imagine my awe when I discovered ‘gel nails‘.

I know, I know. Gel nails have been around for awhile. I can’t believe I just discovered this shit.

‘What, seriously? It doesn’t come off?’ I asked the salon’s receptionist for the eighth time. Apparently these ‘gel nails’ are almost bulletproof and are cured via UV light permanently. You can’t remove it with plain nail polish remover too, you need to come back to the salon to have them removed via soaking it in something. You need to pay extra to have it removed.

I am not the best person to talk about hair, makeup and other girly stuff. I can’t draw my brows symmetrically and leave the house with my hair wet. Hence why this is a travel blog and not a makeup blog.

Anyway, I decided to get one at BTC to see how it would go, and to see how well gel nails could handle my clumsiness. They cost Php380, about twice as expensive than the usual. They cure it with the UV or LED light after every coat. I liked it because once you’re done with the process it’s completely dry and you can do whatever you want once you leave the salon!

gel nails travel

These are my gel nails for two weeks now, taken after my henna session for the Indian wedding I’m attending the next day. They are still holding quite well despite all the traveling and activities I have done. I’m quite impressed, and will probably do it again for another big trip or event. I would recommend this to other girls who find regular manicure annoying and cumbersome like me.

Gel nails is apparently available in several nail spa salons in Cebu such as Salon de Rose, Hollywood Nails, etc.


2 thoughts on “How Your Nails Can Survive Travel

  1. This is an interesting post. Haven’t heard of them. I used to get my nails done every week, but I noticed how they weren’t as strong as they were;hence, I stopped. I want to try this soon.


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