Around Cebu: Design Center of Cebu

As a design professional and lecturer, design is an innate need. I appreciate good taste, especially when backed up with practical aesthetic and functionality. Hence why, I am a big fan of Japanese and Scandinavian design.

A few weeks back, I got invited to the third year anniversary celebration of the Design Center of Cebu which is located in A.S. Fortuna, Cebu City. Design Center of Cebu houses high-end brands for interior design, furnishings and home products. And while you may have to battle the Highway to Hell to get there, the journey is well worth it: a little design utopia in the middle of the urban jungle of Cebu.

design center cebu
Photo from Sunstar

We were given a little tour around the complex were we got to know the tenants and their offerings. Here are the list of global lifestyle brands offered in Design Center of Cebu:

design center of cebu brands

From typhoon-proof windows to space-saving solutions, every brand specializes in solutions for a certain room in the house: kitchen, bed, bath, outdoor and more. Let’s run through them one by one!

1. Kitchen


mobelhaus cebu

Mobelhaus is a Cebu-based company offering modular system solutions for kitchen, cabinet and closet needs. Marrying Filipino craftsmanship with state-of-the-art German technology, Mobelhaus creates streamlined kitchen and storage solutions of high quality functionality and aesthetics.


Smeg is the reputed Italian appliance brand that deliver products that truly express ‘Made in Italy’ style–design, technology and attention to detail.

smeg cebu fridge

I couldn’t believe the showroom also carried the iconic Smeg 50’s style fridges! I am a big fan of beautiful design that works well, so Smeg is an easy favorite among kitchen brands.

Focus Global

kitchen furnishing cebu design center

kitchen focus global

Focus Global offer a wide range of top-notch consumer and home furnishing brands for major department stores, appliance stores, wholesalers, as well as their own four unique retail and service stores. Some of the big names they offer include: Tempur, Sub-zero, Siematic, Miele, Oster, Coleman, Kitchen Aid, and more.


Hafele is the premier supplier of German furniture, appliances and hardware from distinguished and world class brands for kitchen, bath, lighting and fixtures.

2. Bedroom


I was surprised Focus Global offered Tempur pillows and mattresses on the second floor of the store. Tempur is a distinguished brand first developed by NASA scientists for astronauts. They would then perfect the technology in providing the best night’s sleep.

I gave the mattress a try and would never have woken up if I stayed in there for longer! It was too comfortable, it’s dangerous.

3. Condo Living


We immediately equate condo living to tight spaces. Thankfully nowadays there are smart and creative ways to maximize full use of what we have.

Dada provides smart space solutions for small spaces such as studio units and condo pads. Dada maximizes dead space into useful spaces for storage, and extra space (more usable space is always good in a condo!)

4. Outdoors



If you’re planning on constructing a jacuzzi or swimming pool in your home, Eastman provides the latest water systems and technology to cater to your needs.



OHMM is a British-Singaporean furniture brand specializing in outdoor furniture. OHMM Furniture can withstand rain and other potential outdoor elements.

With their five-year warranty, their clients are provided with confidence in the durability and quality of their products. Even better, the brand offers complete freedom on customization over fabric, fibre and colors.

ohmm outdoor furniture cebu

5. Other Furnishings and Fixtures


Illuminazione offers modern lighting, chandeliers, lamps, lighting fixtures and supplies. They also have a collection of beautiful porcelain pieces by Lladro, all imported from Spain.

Admittedly, I am more into minimalist than kitsch–but I fell in love with one of the pretty pieces; a 200,00o peso-worth sculpture inspired by Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’.

Design Source

wood panel

Nothing feels richer than wood panel floors on your feet. Design Source provides you with such luxury–offering luxury flooring that are also creative and sustainable. Some of they offer are Lamett, Prego and Steiger.

Kenneth & Mock


Kenneth & Mock offers top-of-the-line windows and doors according to your needs and specifications. In their showroom, they give a demo on how weather-proof and durable their products are; very important as we all know the Philippines is prone to earthquakes and typhoons. Kenneth & Mock proudly shares that many of their clients from 15 years ago still find their K&M windows good as brand new. With over 17 years in the industry and more than 3,000 clients, Kenneth & Mock is indeed the best in the industry.

6. Food

Design Center of Cebu doesn’t only offer home furnishing brands–they also house two of the best restaurants in the city, too! Tavolata is a traditional Italian Trattoria while Beqaa is a Middle Eastern Kitchen. Both are part of the esteemed Abaca Group of Restaurants.

tavolata as fortuna cebu abaca

tavolata dinner

Whether you own a ten-bedroom mansion or a humble studio unit, I’m sure there’s something for you in Design Center–especially if you are a stickler to getting the best quality.


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