How to Apply for Taiwan Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

Taiwan is a place I’ve constantly raved about to friends since I visited the place last month. Initially, Taiwan was a something I didn’t think about seeing or visiting. I have a sick compulsion of booking random tickets to cure bouts of depression, and for that case I decided to book to Taipei, because why not? I’ve never been there…

Starting December 17, 2015, Cebu Pacific is now flying Cebu to Taipei (CEB-TPE) flights three times a week! Getting to Taiwan is now easier and I recommend everyone to visit Formosa. It is important to note that you need a Taiwan visa to enter Taiwan.


I. What is a Taiwan Tourist Visa?

Philippine passport holders need to apply for Taiwan visa with TECO (Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office) to gain entry. Taiwan tourist visas are good for single-entry only and allowed a maximum stay of 14 days. They’re valid for 90 days from date of issue so you can apply as early as three months before your trip.

There are some cases wherein you can travel to Taiwan without a visa. If you have a valid UK/US/Schengen/Japan/AUS/NZ visa, you can skip the whole visa application process and simply apply for a visa exemption certificate online. Think you qualify for the Taiwan visa exemption? Read this blog post for more information: How to Apply for Taiwan Visa Exemption.

II. Requirements

  • Valid Philippine Passport with at least six months validity.
  • Online Application form to be filled out here. Once you’ve filled out and printed the form, be sure to submit this with all other requirements within fifteen (15) days.
  • Two (2) Passport photos taken within the last six months. (1.5″ x 2″ inches). One is to be attached on the form. Most photo shops should already know the specifications needed for visa requirements-just tell them it’s for a Taiwan visa. I had ours taken in Ayala Center Cebu.
  • Trip Details including the following:
    • Roundtrip Airfare Ticket Reservations.
    • Planned Itinerary, what you intend to do and places you want to see when in Taiwan
    • Hotel Booking or Reservations
  • School / Employment Supporting Documents
    • Certificate of Employment
    • Photocopy of school or company ID
    • Business Registration Certificate (if self-employed)
  • Financial Supporting Documents – proof that you have enough funds to finance your Taiwan trip and not travel to Taiwan for purposes outside of tourism (e.g., become an illegal alien)
    • Recent bank certificate
    • Income Tax Return (ITR)
    • Pay slips (for the last 3-6 months)
  • Personal Supporting Documents – proof of your identification details & personal circumstances
    • NSO birth certificate issued within the last year.
    • If married, NSO marriage certificate

Complete submission of these documents will be helpful in obtaining that visa, but does not guarantee visa issuance; but missing or incomplete supporting documents may result in a visa refusal.

III. Submission

Upon collating all the requirements, you can then file your applications to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO). Visa applications are only entertained on weekdays Mon-Fri from 8:45-11:45am only. Their address is at 41F Tower 1, RCBC Plaza Tower, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Here are the visa fees:

taiwan visa fee

*As of writing, fees have been updated. Mainland China visa fee is PHP 1,400.00; for Taiwan, PHP 2,400.00 for single-entry visa and PHP 4,800 for multiple entry visa.  

It is best to arrive early so you can finish early. Arrive before 8:30am to sign up and get a priority number. Leave a valid government-issued ID at the reception area.

Once your number is called, present the original documents and a set of photocopies for the visa processor to go through. Once everything is in check, you will then wait for your name to be called for the payment of visa fee. The process is pretty quick and straightforward.

IV. Waiting Period

Upon submission of documents, it takes three (3) working days to process the visa. If you want an expedited release, pay the expedited fee of Php 1,200 so you can get your passport within the next day. Releasing times are Monday to Friday, from 1:45PM to 4:45PM.

Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in the Philippines

41F, Tower 1, RCBC Plaza, 6819 Ayala Avenue, Makati
Tel: (+632) 887-6688
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:45AM-4:45PM
Applications: Mon-Fri, 8:45AM-11:45PM
Releasing: Mon-Fri, 1:45PM-4:45PM

If you would like to know more about Taiwan, read my blog post on Taipei, Taiwan: What to Expect.


36 thoughts on “How to Apply for Taiwan Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

  1. wow , Nice and easy but you guys missing to mention about a foreigner’s how can we obtain a Taiwan visa , I have a resident permit which is call ACR here in Philippines, so any suggestion for foreigners?


    1. I think it’s not possible for freelancers, unless you rightfully registered and declared your salaries and paid taxes (which most freelancers don’t..)


  2. Hi, will it be possible to stay in taiwan for 1-2 months,even with a tourist visa only? It’s a big dilemma for me,since, I planned to stay in taiwan for months to be with my fiance , who’s currently working in taiwan…so,
    Will it be possible?thank u so much


  3. hi, do i have to submit both my birth certificate and marriage certificate, i am a housewife and my husband will sponsor my travel.
    what are the other requirements with sponsors


  4. Magandang Araw po! I would to ask if it is a NEED for an appearance sa Embassy or pwede din pong mag-agency na lang. I am currently in Mindanao and booked my ticket for Taiwan on March 2017. Thank you for the help. God bless and keep sharing informative blogs.


    1. hi, im just a passerby. heheh anyways. to address ur concern, depende po sa agency. i have actually applied via agency without an appearance kasi taga-cebu ako. successful naman at sobrang dali ^^ advice lang, u need to canvass at compare sa price and non-appearance. as far as i’ve known, pinakaleast yung 6k sa pagpalakad and that is for rush. yung sa regular time, pinakaleast na ang 4,100. God bless and have a good day ^^


  5. goid day,

    we’re applying for a visa in Taiwan, do all the three of us need to be in the TECO office in submitting all our documents or can i just be the one to submit.


  6. Hi im planing to apply for a visa on friday but im just a student i dont have any source of income but have enough money in bank acct. do u think i can get a visa even thou dont have sponsor..waiting for ur reply tnx


      1. hi! my auntie wants me to visit her in Taiwan thru invitation letter. Im planning to get a tourist visa but  i am currently . my last work was 6years ago but i have enough money in the bank (joint acct) to finance my tour. do you think i can get a visa? 


      2. Hi i already applied my visa dis tuesday and the releasing day is friday does it mean that i can obtain visa now.. tnx for reply


    1. Hi Xie any updates about your visa to Taiwan? Im also a student, I don’t have a bank acct cuz im only 19 but my parents will shoulder my expenses I will be traveling alone as well. I hope to hear from you soon. -Nic


  7. hi! my auntie wants me to visit her in Taiwan thru invitation letter. Im planning to get a tourist visa but  i am currently unemployed. my last work was 6years ago but i have enough money in the bank (joint acct) to finance my tour. do you think i can get a visa? 


  8. Hi! Did you also submit a letter of permission to leave together with ur COE? Do I have to do it on my own or I have to request it? Thanks!


  9. Hi, my mom wants me to come with her in taiwan to attend sa wedding nung cousin ko but the problem is that she’s in london and i am here in the Philippines at mag me meet lng kmi sa taiwan airport. Can i use my mom’s documents as my supporting documents ksi siya din yong mag susupport skin when we get there? Any suggestions? Waiting for ur reply…thanks and God bless!


  10. Hi dear, this is really helpful! Thanks! I just wonder if it’s true that once you’ve got a visa from the US, UK, Japan, Korea, there’s no need to apply for a Taiwan Visa anymore. How true is that? Does it also require validity of visa in terms of timeline? Thanks a lot in advance! 🙂


  11. Hi, ask ko lng, in my case, i am married but ever since i am using my single name in my passport and all documents. Do i need to submit NSO Marriage certificate? Thanks


  12. Hello just want to ask if need talaga ang itr? Kasi in their site wala naman nakamention and even dun sa agency na aaplyan namin wala po 🙂 okay lang po kaya kung wala ng itr? Thank you.


  13. i just read about this article just now when i have finished my online application awhile ago , i applied for a visa but i choose the purpose as for business , then my enrty is multiple to think that it is my first time to apply for a visa, is this all totally wrong?


  14. Hi! I would like to share my own very recent information about Taiwan Visa application for Filipinos.
    – Visa Application Form. Address and Phone number in Taiwan CANNOT be blank. You can use the contact information of your booked hotel.
    – Two (2) 1.5″ x 2″ less 3 months old passport photos, white background, with signature at the back. Extra copy in a plastic attach to the visa application form.
    – NSO-provided birth certificate
    – NSO-provided marriage certificate (if applicable)
    – Income Tax Return
    – Recent bank certificate AND bank statement
    – Certificate of Employment
    – Certificate of Earnings (for Upwork/oDesk freelancer)
    – Photocopy of Company ID
    – Round-trip tickets
    – Trip Itinerary
    – Confirmed hotel booking at least 1 night (printed email, doesn’t have to be paid.)

    I am looking for a buddy, joiner or company for my hike in Snow Mountain sometime in January 25-20, 2017. Please email me


  15. Hello, thank you for your blog. I want to ask if you know agencies in Cebu that can help us apply for Taiwan Tourist Visa. I tried searchin in google but can’t find one. Thank you for your help God bless you 😀


  16. Hi po.tanung ko lang po?gusto ko po mag tourist sa taiwan.friend ko po from taiwan yung kukuha ng visa ko.pwede po ba yun ?or kailangan talaga na ako yung mag apply .this month po sana ang punta ko sa taiwan.Thanks po and Godbless!


  17. hello po, may concern lng po sna frnd and i po balak po sna magwork s taiwan kaso ung brother nya nsa taiwan wla pong working visa, is it possible kya n pwd ung frnd k magwork dn po, pero kukuha nman sya ng working visa s agncy.hnd po kya mareflect un s taiwan immigration.mahohold po b s taiwan immigration po?ngtour dn po kc cla as family s taiwan and thn bumalik ung brother nya nkhnp ng work doon po. tnx po sa pagsagot..godbless


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