Are You Ready for Sinulog?

An interesting package arrived today.

epic kit sinulog 2016

Upon opening, I instantly knew what it was for – my own Sinulog Preparedness Kit from Epic.

Oh shizz—I just remembered. Sinulog Festival is this Sunday! I didn’t even recall December passing by, and then I realize that it’s already the third week of January!

What’s Inside: The Sinulog Preparedness Kit

inside epic sinulog kit

The kit was a friendly reminder that I should get my game on this weekend! Thankfully I didn’t need to prepare most of the things I need. Most of them are already in the kit.


To get a Sinulog shirt or complete Sinulog kit, check Epic Festival Solutions on Facebook or contact them through their mobile: 0995 100 2880.

You can get or pick up orders at the City Sports Club Lobby (across Marriot Hotel and Ayala) from January 5-16 and at Sugbo Mercado, Garden Bloc IT Park from January 8-16 from 5PM to 1AM.

Here are things you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for Cebu’s biggest festival:

  1. Shirt

tshirt epic sinulog january 2016

You’re going to get dirty this weekend. It’s going to be hot and there will be sporadic light rains (always the case in the last few years). You’re going to get paint in your clothes, and maybe spill beer on them. General rule is, wear something light and comfortable this Sinulog. You can still look trendy, but no need to dress to kill.

For footwear, wear your flipflop or most comfortable shoes! You’re going to be walking all day. Trust me, there is no other option.

  1. Whistle and Poster Paint

PRIIIITITIT! Make a lot of noise. Announce your arrival have a good time this weekend. Come out with war paint on your face and get ready to be smeared by paint by random strangers on the streets.

  1. Rave Bag

Bringing a bag around is going to get in the way of your all-day partying. Epic’s rave bag is keeps your valuables safe and close, at the same time keeps your hands free for other things. I like how Epic rave bags are well thought out to keep it safe from pickpockets, accidental losses, among other things. Good for me, as I’m very absent-minded, with or without the presence of alcohol.

  1. Ziploc Bag

Protect your phone and gadgets from liquids by encasing them in a ziploc bag. It’s going to rain, and the rains might have some ocassional alcohol content.

Based on experience, all networks are useless on Sinulog day. The networks just simply crash because of overcrowding. I’ve seen a number of friendships and relationships destroyed during Sinulog because of this.

  1. Festival Guide

Epic also has a handy festival guide in their kit which includes information, tips, map and great deals and promo offers from their partnering establishments: Citigym, Jango’s Cafe, Tazza, Surfin’ Ribs, Pizza Republic, TUF, Ayer’s Lechon, Fujinoya, Straightforward and Coffee Prince.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 4.55.01 PM

The kit also includes stickers and a safety tag, in case of emergencies.

Unfortunately, there is no urine bag holder or alcohol check test included in the kit. Kidding aside, you’ve got almost everything you need in there.



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