Caleb and Rachel for Zee Lifestyle Directory

I got a call from Zee Lifestyle editor Patty Taboada to model for the Dec-Jan 2016 issue for Zee Lifestyle Directory, to feature The Outlets Pueblo Verde in the cover and their tenants–outlet stores of Adidas, Levi’s, Nike, Reef, Converse, Giordano, etc.

So for a day, I had a fake little family: a dad, Ted Paraiso, who is also a SAFAD Painting student of mine, my 23-month-old boy Caleb Williams, and another sweet five-year-old Euan Pateña.

I never realized how fun and hard it is to shoot with children! One child gets cranky and when he calms down, it’s the other kid’s turn. hahahaha. I can imagine having a small family in real life… Caleb alone already feels like an army.It’s also a little hard to direct a toddler what to do, and Caleb didn’t really know yet what was happening most of the time. The shoot took longer than expected, but it was so fun and challenging.

The photos looked amazing in the end! I didn’t know how Robo Formacion did it like magic.

The Zee Lifestyle city guide is not for sale, but distributed around hotels, restaurants and other business establishments in Cebu City.

Enjoy the photos!

The Outlets at Pueblo Verde for Zee Lifestyle Directory
December-January 2016


Sittings Editor: Patty Taboada
Photography: Robo Formacion
Makeup: Arnauld
Hair: Kherwin Zapanta
Production Assistant: Niki Remarca
Models: Rachel A., Ted Paraiso, Caleb, Euan Pateña


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