Caleb and Rachel for Petit Bateau

Source: Where’s Caleb? Caleb and Rachel for Petit Bateau

Last year in 2015, Caleb and I got the opportunity to model for Ayala’s Style Origin Fashion Show held annually. Mother-and-son pair represented Petit Bateau, a French brand on premium kids wear.

Caleb was only 1.6 years old at the time, and was unaware of what was happening most of the time. He didn’t understand why the girls in the backstage cried when Daniel Padilla passed by. When we went out of the runway, he stared at the crowd like: ‘what the hell is going on?’ Midway through the walk, he just gave up and had me carry him. Haha.

It was a funny and good experience for us, and we learn that there are a lot of things beyond our control–especially when it comes to children. Other children in the backstage were already getting cranky and low energy while waiting for the show to start (it started 2 hours later than expected). Caleb and I didn’t have the luxury to come back home after the morning rehearsals and stayed at the back stage until 7pm, but I am amazed at how unfazed Caleb was all throughout.

See the events unfold in the video edited by dad Ejay Williams:


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