214: Heart, Mind or Wallet?


For Valentines, eCompareMo asked me: If you could only pick one, would you rather have Unlimited Wealth, Immeasurable Knowledge, or Everlasting Love?

This is like a Miss Universe question… but at the least I can be honest about my answer.


Is knowledge still important nowadays–or has Google made it obsolete?

Even if you can pretty much wiki everything nowadays–immeasurable knowledge can still be very handy. Maybe a Silicon Valley mega-corporation will hire me for creating complicated algorithms. My math brain can probably crack the code on stock market analysis and get successful gains 100% of the time. On the other hand, Mozart and Socrates can tell you; genius won’t not warrant food on your plate.

Knowledge is definitely the most selfish choice. How can you share your brain cells? Sure, you can publish papers and give talks, but it will take more than a lifetime to spread out your knowledge to the rest. It can even alienate you to the rest of the ignorant masses (Lord knows why Bill Gates wouldn’t spend his billions on more luxurious yachts and sports cars)…


Do you know that smarter people are more prone to depression and suicidal thoughts? Knowing too much can be your own undoing–the extra grey matter will get you to think more about deep and mentally exhausting stuff: like poverty, or the economical rat race, or afterlife, or the search for the cure of cancer… When these questions are left unanswered, intellectuals will feel unvalidated, rebuffed, ignored–over and over and over again. Immeasurable knowledge can sometimes do more harm than good. You know what they say, ignorance is bliss…



Unlimited wealth can buy you anything your heart desires.

Money may not be able to buy you IQ points, but it could buy you a good degree–and that’s kinda the same thing. In 3 Idiots, the real Rancho was a rich lazy bastard who hired a poor boy to go to college for him… In the end, he got the degree, poor boy got the education he wanted, and they all lived happily ever after… All izz well. Sure, I may be referencing a fictional movie, but I’m sure it’s happened in real life too.


Money is a lot easier to spread out compared to knowledge. You can build schools, provide jobs and improve the well-being of state and society–as long as you don’t get greed in the way. (That’s a lot easier said than done, of course…)


Let’s talk about love. Or in my case recently, the lack thereof.

walang forever

Knowledge and Wealth can be a double-edged sword. But how about love? Is there too much of a good thing?

But everlasting love does not exist, because it is only everlasting-until the mortality of a person. People aren’t permanent, hence love is just as impermanent.

And won’t it be a bit narcissistic to expect love without much effort to give love in return? It’s not that hard -you just need to give love and you will receive love.

That, or you can get a dog. At least you can get love and loyalty.

So what would I choose?

If I can only pick one, I need to make sure I maximize my choice. Which single option will help provide me with all three?

I am for Team Kayamanan. Wealth is the only choice that can give me three. Love can’t feed me, nor can it make me smarter. Knowledge can give me a decent job, but it can isolate me from others. On the other hand, wealth can buy me all things, and so much more…


A fake education, fake friends, fake love… who cares? My bro Kanye speak the truth– ‘she ain’t messin’ with no broke niggas…’ 

This post is exclusively written for eCompareMo.com


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