Postcard Eats: Zark’s Burgers Now in Cebu!

Update Aug 2016: Zark’s Burgers now has two branches in Cebu–SM City Cebu and in IT Park Eblock Tower 1!

My New Year’s Resolution for 2016 was the same as most people: to get fit and healthy. I was awesome for the first few weeks of the year, started with a strong diet plan, regular exercise and minimal alcohol, until I relapsed on the third week of the year. Sinulog happened.

It’s not too late to redeem myself, I comforted myself as February rolled. After getting over my guilt trip, I quickly rebound and paraded another #newyearnewme promise, because it’s Chinese New Year anyway–even if technically I’m not Chinese, the occasion helps call for restarting my resolution.

After CNY, I worked out almost everyday, doing yoga and crossfit consequently in one session–it felt like I was angry with myself. On my fifth day of the sweat life, Justinne a.k.a. the Babe for Food texted me to come with her to the opening of Zark’s Burgers, if I wasn’t busy. Except for yoga at 7:45pm, I’m pretty much free. Hmmm. Yup. I’ve heard of Zark’s.

This should be interesting.

zarks burger now in cebu


And it was an eventful day. For one, I got into a minor car accident before arriving to Zark’s in SM City Cebu. For another, when I got there (in one piece!) I was welcomed by the Zark himself, who flew in from Manila for the opening of their first Cebu branch.

postcardpretty babeforfood zark
Thank you for having us, Zark!

The SM City Cebu branch will be their 15th branch nationwide and 2nd branch in Visayas. They also plan to open another Cebu branch within the year, location to be confirmed.

Zark’s mantra was, ‘the greasier, the better’. One look at the menu and I knew I’m in trouble. Everything was like food porn. Someone’s going to be naughty tonight… The menu was fun to read; it was hard to choose which burger to devour.

A big fan of bacon, I finally decided on the Deep-Fried Bacon Wrapped Burger.

Deep Fried Bacon Burger with Barbecue Rum Sauce
This is what the Bacon Wrapped Burger looks like inside

And I wasn’t disappointed. Bacon is bacon after all. But the barbecue rum sauce that came with it pleasantly surprised me.

Justinne chose the infamous Jawbreaker, as her friend The Pickiest Eater has been staunchly recommending it.

The Jawbreaker. Make love to the food.

The burgers were massive for a duo of girls. It wasn’t easy to have greasy burgers between your fingers and trying to devour them with feminine grace and composure. We could hardly finish it all, and then their manager Julio returned and said, ‘So those were your appetizers–are you ready for your main course?’

Oh gosh. We had to choose two more burgers to try. I was already eyeing on the Luther Burger–which is double cheeseburger with honey-glazed donuts as buns. I thought it was a weird combination–sweet and salty? Donuts and meat are from two entirely different food categories–is Zark sure about this?

Luther Burger. Glory.

When it came, it was a glory box.

The taste was, in summary, ‘interesting’. For the more adventurous set of tastebuds, opt for this baby. I mean I’m not quite sure what it tastes like, but it was an explosion of flavors of sorts.

My friend got the Candy Bacon Burger, which is essentially cheeseburger with caramelized bacon. The Candy Bacon Burger tasted good, but after trying daring choices such as the Jawbreaker and the Luther, it felt a bit tame compared to the previous ones.

more zarks burgers

So did two ladies finish it all? We may look like gluttons, but we had to call reinforcements. Thank God Apollo and the Quibranza brothers arrived!

luis quibranza justinne go apollo santos
Our reinforcements! Wasn’t so fun being seventh wheel though.

The best thing about Zark’s is they don’t scrimp on ingredients and give you everything they have in the kitchen. It feels good value on your money. Zark’s burgers are big boys, they probably eat other burgers for breakfast.

We were too chicken to try the Tombstone though, which is a two-pound cheeseburger with an equivalent of eight patties covered with cheese sauce and 500g of fries. If you finish the behemoth burger in ten minutes, you get a free t-shirt and your photo on the Hall of Fame. Hmmm. Maybe another time!

Price range is around P110-P150 for their Minor League Burgers, P210-P555 for their Major League Brugers, P80-P150 for their other meals and P120-P150 for their desserts.

Here’s the menu, click on image for high-res:



It’s ironic that my licensed nutritionist friend ruined my whole week of sweat work for me– she was a foodie first; and when it comes to good food, I trust her with my life.

Ah well. Zark’s Burgers has since haunted me with burger dreams for the last few nights, but it was the perfect cheat meal for the month.

postcard pretty eats zarks
My tastebuds enjoyed it. You can see it in my inflated cheeks.

Zark’s Burgers is now open in Cebu at SM City Cebu by Sunburst and Motoworld, and in IT Park E-block Tower 1. Follow Zark’s Burgers on their Facebook Page  and Instagram and Twitter @zarksburgers.


12 thoughts on “Postcard Eats: Zark’s Burgers Now in Cebu!

  1. We’ve heard about this place a lot of times but every time we go to SM to try Zarks, there’s always a long queue building up outside. Sigh. Next time. Next time. This place is definitely on my list! The Jawbreaker burger sounds really interesting! 🙂


  2. I have to say that I’ve never seen a doughnut used as a bun before and it’s probably not for me, haha. But i guess if you’re in need of a gluttonous meal that this is the place to go. In the UK deep fried burgers, chocolate bars and other things and I don’t know how people can eat it. haha


  3. Yes, Zark’s burgers give your money’s worth. It’s super “sulit” and you come home with a happy tummy. I actually have been eating here ever since I can remember; I was even to eat at it’s original branch and experience Jawbreaker too; and I just ate at Zark’s last night because its new Taft branch is just next door. It is that good that I am a loyal patron of it. Next time try their nachos galore and deep-fried snickers 🙂


  4. Ahh, this was my fave burger place since I was in college! We had one just in front of the campus. I remember being so excited during Jawbreaker day. It’s good that they now have one in Cebu.


  5. Though Zark is really inviting and tempting. I’m really not a
    Fan of burgers. But gosh your photo is so nice. I know zark eversince but didn’t have a chance to try it. Will give it a try sometimes 🙂


  6. While reading your post, my initial response was “Burgers can be healthy…” Then I saw the bacon wrapped burger and donut burger and I retract my comments! Haha! 😉 Enjoy your cheat day!


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