Around Cebu: Starbucks PH New Offers and my First Coffee Tasting Experience

As a traveler, I collect stuff. Souvenirs provide great memories to trips and unforgettable experiences. I started my Starbucks mug collection last 2014 and it’s the first store I look for in every city I’ve been.

starbucks travel mug collection

As an advertising graduate and later, an educator, I appreciate the brand marketing and PR efforts. They appropriately reach out to its customers and create meaningful relationships with them. As part of Cebu Bloggers Society, I was invited to their coffee tasting event so we could sample their latest food and drink offers.

It was my first coffee tasting experience and a very educational one for a coffee novice like me. We were asked to smell the coffee, and to sample it hot, iced and blended. We were asked to share stories, and to remember experiences as we sampled the taste and aroma of the particular coffee bean.

I didn’t know there were a million ways to define coffee. I thought ‘coffee’ was only meant to be bitter… and never would i have described it as ‘citrusy’, ‘berry-like’, ‘nutty’ or ‘alkaline’!

As a writer, I consume a lot of coffee and tea. Coffee keeps me awake, and tea keeps me relaxed. Without the two I will be either slightly neurotic or completely useless with the pen.

Their new offers are interesting, because they are a bit of blend of both my elixirs: The Chocolate Black Tea Frappuccino with Earl Grey Jelly and the Double Chocolate Green Frappuccino. A perfect combination of energizing and refreshing anyone on a hot day this summer. (Wait, what am I talking about. This is the Philippines–it’s always summer!)


As a foodie, I am pretty psyched about their new items too. Pair these reinvigorating drinks with their new food items such as the Purple Yam Cheesecake (with red bean and macapuno..yum!), Chicken Milk Bun and Parmagiana Wrap.

Finally, as an environmentalist, I appreciate Starbucks efforts to be more green and to encourage their customers to be green. The new Starbucks BPA-free cup is means it’s reusable, recyclable and re-enjoyable. Every time you bring these cups in, you get a discount off your order. These are all responsible efforts to the company’s waste reduction objective.

reusable cups in starbucks ph

  • All new food and drink offers will be available at all Starbucks Philippine Branches from June 7 – July 25, 2016. For more information, visit them in their stores or online at their website,

13 thoughts on “Around Cebu: Starbucks PH New Offers and my First Coffee Tasting Experience

  1. Who doesn’t love starbucks. There is always something to experience there, but this looks like a great day out! I love the white chocolate mocha. It’s my favorite for over 5 years now.


  2. I’m a fan of starbucks, although they are a bit pricey. The quality of the drink and its distinct taste remains. I’ve tried their Double Chocolate Green Frap and I guess the green matcha with a twist is my favorite! A must try!


  3. I’m a fan of starbucks and it fascinates me the aroma when you get inside their shoppe. I think I found a new frap babe with their Double Chocolate Green Frap. Num and tempting!


  4. Those look tasty! We actually don’t have jelly frappucinos in the US, but I had one when I was in Japan. I liked it! I think it’s fun how Starbucks does different drinks all over the world. Thanks for sharing the photos!


  5. I love the smell of starbucks. Everytime i walk pass the store, it always invites me to buy a cup of its drink and also eat some ensaymada. I also love its interiors, though crowded, it still feels homely and inviting.


  6. I have never been to StarBucks , don’t even know if we have got one here somewhere. It looks really posh , clean and nice . Your collection of coffee mugs is amazing !


  7. I love coffee and have to say this would be my ideal blogger event!! I’ve tried a lot of different flavours and love a nutty coffee more than any other. The idea of reusing their cups is genius and such a great way to encourage people (even without them being too aware) to recycle and reuse things!


  8. there’s just little things i know about coffee. it was new to me to know there are coffee tasting events sponsored by these companies. in starbucks, i usually settle for mocha frappe and later on tried the green tea with double chocolate. sb is too mainstream now, but there is a reason for it. their coffee is delish. i know you enjoyed your experience. i wish i can attend one too. 🙂

    ♥ Aika |


  9. I love Starbucks! I live in the south of the Netherlands and there isn’t a starbucks within 1 hour driving from my home :(. I would love to go more often. But whenever I can, I go. I adore the Frappuccino’s as well! The food you got looks awesome as well!


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