Mum & Baby: Kidzoona in Robinsons Galleria Cebu

As a parent I always encourage my son active play and social interaction with other kids. And for Caleb, he doesn’t need much ‘encouragement’ at all. Every time I take him to a playground full of kids, he instantly comes running to them in a panic and forget about me. Not that I minded, I’m thrilled by his energy and independence.

Unfortunately Cebu City does not offer parks and safe public places for children to play. The malls are this generation’s playground–offering safe and indoor play for children. While I would’ve preferred for us to explore the mountains and forests, I’m going to save that when he’s older. Caleb, please hurry up so we can backpack across South America together. So we explored the newest indoor playground, Kidzoona, has to offer.

Kidzoona is located in the 3F Robinsons Galleria Mall, Cebu City, Cebu. Kidzoona is owned by a Japan-based corporation and already has 800 branches across Southeast Asia! There are 20 outlets around Philippines already. They are set to open their 2nd and 3rd branch in SM Seaside City and SM Consolacion, respectively.

Play Fee is Php250 for 1.5 hours and Php400 for 3 hours, including one parent or guardian. Kids 1-12 years old can enjoy the indoor fantasyland for hours! Even a 26-year-old (ehem) enjoyed her time and wished we had facilities like these when we were younger.

lockers in kidzoona cebu
Shoe Lockers in Kidzoona

Upon coming in, we are given a locker for shoes and bags (locker rental is also free!). Hence we could run and play hands-free without worrying about our valuables and stuff.

Kidzoona was much bigger than we expected! On the right side of the room is a massive ball pool with inflatable slides and a pirate ship! Kids can go climb into the island and jump in the sea of balls!

On the left side of the Kidzoona center is the role play area where the little people can pretend to be firemen, doctors, ice cream vendors, florists or sushi chefs.

On the front part of the playzone with a giant zorb ball where little kids pretend to be hamsters and try to run over each other! Little kids should be more careful of the bigger kids!

play toys kidzoona

Finally, this area of the playroom has train sets, playhouses, puzzles and other toys for children to explore. Just beside it is an open space for kids to bike around.

train toys in kidzoona

Aside from that, they also have activities and mini-games–in fact during our time there Caleb won a one-hour free play GC from their raffle! The Kidzoona official mascot pops up once in a while to dance and play with the kids.

So would I bring him here again? Of course! But not too often–I always try to bring my little man to as many new, different and exciting environments as possible.

Kidzoona Cebu is located at Robinson’s Galleria and SM Seaside City. For more information, you can visit their Facebook and official website.


One thought on “Mum & Baby: Kidzoona in Robinsons Galleria Cebu

  1. I CANNOT wait to have my own kid and experience Kidzoona with him/her. For now, wala pa eh, but it’s good to know that they have numerous branches in the PH. They’re very accessible plus for sure, safe.


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