Uber for Traveling, Uber for Cebu!

I don’t know about you, but there’s something ‘off’ or ‘weird’ when getting a cab in another country. There’s a ton of things to worry about. Is this safe? Did I bring enough money? Should I tip? Did I give him the right directions? My anxiety levels are high when I feel vulnerable, as I am normally the one behind the wheel at home. Now I have to give my trust to a complete stranger.

I tried to avoid getting a cab abroad because it’s horrendously expensive (especially in London!). However there are times when you really need to cab it: when you’re carrying a giant backpack plus a 30 kg. luggage; and when you’re on the way to a party looking like a million dollars.

I thank the stars that the idea of Uber was conceived where you can hail a cab with a touch of a button. Moreover, there is no awkward exchange of cash (my least favorite thing, especially when you’re handling with alien currencies)–everything is tabbed to your credit card.

My First Uber Ride.

My first Uber ride was in Paris. I was living with a friend in Universitaire and transferring to another friend’s at Cite de Phalsbourg. I know getting there via Metro would be impossible–I did have my 30 kg. luggage this time, and the Paris Metro is infamous for their lack of escalators and elevators. Plus the last time I took the metro, someone stole my box of pizza.

Yes, someone took off with my pizza. That really happened. Everything happens in Paris!

I figured out it was the perfect time to try Uber for the first time. Interestingly, I later learned that the idea of Uber was conceived when the founders couldn’t get a cab in a cold winter night in Paris.

I used my friend’s referral code and got 10 EUR off my first Uber ride. The 10km ride cost me less than 20 EUR. If I had taken the traditional cab, I would’ve paid around 30-40 EUR.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 1.05.49 AM

My Uber Obsession in Manila

If the Uber founders found it difficult to get a taxi in Paris, they haven’t been to Manila.

The cab drivers from hell live in Manila. The moment you arrive the airport, taxi drivers try to rip you off as much as they can. They will pretend to be oblivious on where the hell Greenbelt is even if they’ve lived in Manila all their lives. When you show them the map, they pretend to be stupid and will go around avenues just so they can charge you more.


If you’re traveling to Manila soon, my advice is to just stick to Uber. Honest taxi drivers are mythical unicorns in Manila.

My stress levels are high every time I get on a traditional taxi in Manila, so I Uber almost everywhere when walking is not an option. Uber cars have a GPS so they can never say ‘I don’t know where that is’. And the tracking makes it harder for them to go around in circles so they can charge higher. All I needed was to get in the Uber car and not worry about anything.

Why Uber is Awesome

Uber is perfect in the Philippine setting for those number of reasons, and more. Philippine taxi drivers will rip unsuspecting tourists off any opportunity they can. With Uber, you have a rating system where riders can rate drivers (and vice versa) so customer satisfaction is optimally better.

Another aspect of customer satisfaction is the quality of the ride. Uber drivers own the car they drive, hence they take care of it and better maintained than the traditional taxi counterparts. A/C will be working, seats will be more comfortable and the car will be cleaner.

UberX, which is available in the Philippines, is the low cost option, which is generally 30% cheaper than getting a regular cab ride. The GPS app they use ensure that they will know where they are going and won’t drive you in circles just to mess with you.

Who says car owners can’t use Uber too? Studies confirm that it is a lot cheaper to Uber than to own a car in Manila, with the hidden costs of maintenance and upkeep. Plus, won’t it be awesome if we could just sit in the backseat, not worry about driving and play Pokémon Go? If you want to go out without the worry of parking or who will be driving after a few beers, just Uber it!

Uber’s advocacy is to have less cars on the road. Traffic is getting worse in the Philippines, and if you could lessen the quantity of cars, we make it easier for all commuters on the road. I myself personally hate driving even if I have my own car, so the convenience Uber brings make ‘owning a car’ a less priority to millennials than before.

More butts into the backseats for fewer cars in the road. The UberHop feature allows you to split costs and carpool with fellow Uber riders going on the same direction as you. I don’t know about you, but sounds like a grand idea.

Uber Celebrates Cebu

Uber is now available in 480 cities around the world, including Manila and Cebu in the Philippines.

Cebu City will be the first city in the Philippines to have a cash payment option for Uber riders! This is good news, as in the Philippines credit card penetration is only 2%. This makes it more accessible to more Cebuanos!

In line with that, all first-time Uber riders in Cebu get 50% off their first five rides from today until July 17. Simply enter the promo code: CELEBRATECEBU upon sign up to avail of the discounted rides.

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CBS with Uber PH heads, Laurence Cua, Uber PH GM and EJ dela Vega, Uber Cebu City lead

How to Use Uber

Simply download the app and register for an account to start using Uber.

Uber How-to JPG

How to use the Cash Payment Option in Uber?

Choose the uberX option in the app. Before requesting a ride, change your payment option to cash on the confirmation page. The payment bar is located at the lower half of your screen. Enter your destination and request a ride.

You’ll see your driver’s details straight away–name, photo and the details of the car. These drivers have professional driving licenses and have undergone an extensive screening process.

At the end of your trip, the app will reflect the fare that you need to pay. Hand your payment to your driver and you’ll receive an electronic receipt via email.

Download Uber now and use my promo code to get your first free ride!

My promo code: rachela5448ue

Or just click this link! https://www.uber.com/invite/postcardpretty


16 thoughts on “Uber for Traveling, Uber for Cebu!

  1. I don’t like taxis, too. Taxi drivers want to rip you off (my city is also famous for that, specially if you’re a foreigner) and i have to deal with awkward conversations with them.
    Speaking of Uber, it’s still not popular here where i live, but i heard a lot about it and i absolutely love the idea. When i travel somewhere i’ll definitely use Uber,


  2. I personally haven’t tried using Uber but I’ve heard and read both positive and negative remarks about it.I just hope they regulate it consistently for the safety of the passengers.


  3. Then I wish cash basis will be available in Metro Manila soon. I love Uber! 🙂 Lots of taxi drivers are complaining on how their income decreased due to the increasing number of Uber users so they really tend to steal (yes, that’s the word. haha) money from passengers. Not to mention their traffic dilemma. I do understand them but it’s unfair to set unbelievable amount for your trip, especially if coming from the Airport. They should start removing their meters if they will not use them anyway. Haha


    1. True. A lot of taxi drivers from around the world are holding protest rallies against Uber because of that… But I think Uber will be changing the world and how we get cabs, and maybe the traditional taxi will be obsolete soon. There will always be resistance to change.


  4. It is true that in most cases Uber offer a service than taxi drivers. However, I would like to point out that passengers still have to be cautious and to always have the presence of mind in availing whatever transportation service they desire. For instance, NOT all Uber drivers own the car they drive. I can attest to this because my co-blogger had been an Uber operator before and I also had several bad driver experience before who does not own the car. Some Uber drivers also are stubborn to use GPS for going to a passenger’s destination. -Me-An Clemente


  5. I personally avoid taking taxis in a foreign country as I find using public transport much convenient. However, as you mentioned, sometimes we do not have a choice. Uber is always my first and only choice whenever I need a taxi ride.


  6. I use Uber almost everyday and I just feel safe and secure. Ever since Uber entered Manila, I never used an ordinary taxi anymore. Plus,it’s very convenient. I’m glad Cebu has Uber already, makes it easier to tour around the city.


  7. Uber is convenient as it has the UberPool and is cheaper although there some disadvantages with it as well. Traffic is everywhere in this country because some don’t even follow simple traffic rules and regulations. Discipline is no where to be seen unless there are traffic enforcers in the area. Question, I thought UberHop was some kind of a helicopter transpo?


    1. The helicopter option is the UberChopper 🙂 Ah I guess it’s better to share a ride and maybe make new friends with Uberhop and Uberpool rather than sit through traffic alon? 🙂


  8. Uber is really popular here in the UK. It’s extremely convenient too. Every time I need to go a place that is not within city Centre and I am not familiar with, then I simply request an Uber. Very reasonable rates too.


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