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Hey there!

I’ve had this blog for more than a year now and have, for the longest time, I’ve left the ‘About Me’ page empty. Blame it on laziness. Or procrastination. Or lack of motivation. Blame it on the overwhelming feeling of exposing my soul to the public.

I feel like, if I tell me about myself you would end up disliking me. And I don’t want to lose my readers. Maybe if you can tell by my writing style what type of person I am: sometimes sweet, sometimes sardonic.

If you’re just most modern guys obsessed with categorizing… I am, according to the experts: ENFP (Myers-Briggs). Gemini (Zodiac). Liberal (Political Ideology and No, I’m not Yellow). ‘Spiritual Seeker’ (Religion). Choleric Sanguine (Temperament). Right Brain (Brain Dominance).

I’m a writer. Everyday experiences turn into stories. I mentally jot down words so I can compose the perfect sentence later. Every person I meet becomes a potential character I shelf for a future story. It will always be about stories.

I like the smell of books. Papercuts intrigue me. For an extrovert, I love my independence and space, wiling to fight tooth and nail for my freedom.. Maybe I am a fake extrovert…

Hence everything and everyone is interesting to me–what ticks you, what made you? How did you acquire these idiosyncrasies? I want to know everything.

  • Traveler with a Philippine Passport
  • Travel Columnist – ‘Postcard Travels’ Sunstar Weekend
  • Yoga Enthusiast
  • Watercolorist
  • Full-time MBA student
  • Trying to function as an adult

She Still Sends Postcards

This blog started as a travel resource for me and my friends. I’ve always been asked for travel advice, and thought it would be much easier if I wrote them down. My blog has been helpful to peers (even myself!) especially when it came to information on visas, itineraries, documents, etc.

Recently my personal ramblings and side stories have become popular too with readers! Seems like readers are interested with my personal stories. Catch them at My Stories on Travel Stories and Personal Stories.

Countries Visited:

  • UK
    • London
  • US
  • Canada
  • France
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong / Macau
  •  Philippines
    • Siargao
    • Cebu
    • Manila

Island Girl, Concrete Jungle

So this year I uprooted myself from Cebu City and moved to the capital. It’s my first shot at independence without the help of family, extended family, nannies, house help and drivers… So now I have a segment in the blog about Adulting, coming from an island girl in the concrete jungle.


Read more about my Features on print and the runway.

  • Zee Lifestyle
  • Sunstar Weekend
  • I Juander
  • MyTV

Brands Represented:

  • Petit Bateau
  • The Outlets – Pueblo Verde
  • Orange Brutus


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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. The design of your blog is very classy. Nice pictures too. I am currently making my own medical blog myself, would like to make it as good as yours. 😉


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