Postcard Eats: GIBBS’ Hot Wings and What’s New

ewGibbs’ Hot Wings is one of Cebu’s most famous hole-in-the-wall new restaurants and their hot wings are comfort food of choice to many Cebuanos. Reputed for being the best wings in town, I adore the unique flavors of hot wings and their careful selection of craft beers. Coy sure knows his beers.

gibbs angel wings
My personal favorite–the Angel Wings!
gibbs hot wings beers
Gibbs Hot Wings Beers. They also carry a good selection of local craft beers by Cebruery!

I personally love their Angel Wings (affectionately called ‘Carbonara Wings’) because I can’t handle my spice as much as some people could. If you love your spicy, you can choose the spiciness level from 1 to 5.

They started in a small and humble manner. The owner, Coy Oliva, used to drink with friends at home and his wife’s hot wings was the crew’s pulutan of choice. The hot wings were a hit: his friends requested for them all the time, and eventually started ordering them to bring to their family and friends. One friend suggested to them that they should sell their hot wings.

Gibbs’ started as a small-hole-in-the-wall in the extra space of the owner’s house. The hot wings were such a big hit, that within months the owners opened their second shop in Streetscape, Maria Luisa Road, Banilad, Cebu City.

So, What’s New with Gibbs’?

On our media launch last week, we were the first to know the many exciting news for Gibbs’ Hot Wings. First, introducing their newest on the menu: Their Cajun Hot Wings. It had just the right amount of spicy and smoky flavor.

gibbs hot wings cajun

Second, Gibbs’ Hot Wings has partnered with Zomato for delivery orders. You can get your hot wings fix conveniently at the comforts of your home by just ordering via the Zomato app.

Lastly, Gibbs’ has announced that they will be opening their second branch at Robinsons Galleria Cebu, set to open later this year. A very interesting year ahead for Gibbs’!

GIBBS’ Weekly Events and Promos

Gibbs’ holds interesting weekly events, giving you more reasons to visit:

  • Mayday Sundays – Come in groups of at least 5 and for a minimum orders of P1000, to get 10% off.
  • Wing It Wednesdays – Bring your bff, wingman or winggirl, barkada, to get one free order of fries!
  • Acoustic Wednesdays – Listen to the cool tunes by Acoustic Duo Anton & Glynis from 8pm to 10.30pm
  • Thirsty Thursdays – Unlimited Coolers! Order any pitcher of our house blend coolers to avail of bottomless drinks.

You can check their FB page for more info on event and promo updates.

DISCLAIMER: Some photos by the owner and the Gibbs’ official FB page

GIBBS’ Hot Wings is open for lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays at 11am to 2pm and open for dinner daily from 5:30pm to 12:00am. GIBBS’ Hot Wings is located at Streetscape Mall, Maria Luisa Rd, Banilad, Cebu City. Contact number 349-2103 / 09226424888. Check their FB Page here and their official website at

Postcard Eats: The Suite Room’s Ice Cream Cakes

I must’ve been living under a rock, because I only recently knew about this piece of heaven.

Of course I’ve heard of The Suite Room. The Suite Room is located at Ayala Center Cebu Rooftop and Ramos branch (their pioneer branch). It is part of the Casa Verde group and is often known as the more posh and upscale version of the Casa Verde. I’ve tried Suite Room’s main course and steaks, and these were quite good.

This entry however isn’t about The Suite Room’s main course menu. We take a closer look at their dessert choices, particularly their honest-to-goodness ice cream cakes.

They have six different ice cream cake flavors, While they are all so good, everyone has their own preferences as well. As I devoured every spoonful, I kept on thinking: ‘where were you all my life?!’

Okay, that was a bit of overkill. Still, I love ice cream and I love cake. I thank Babe for Food for bringing me here and introducing me to what will be a new cheat favorite. These are their ice cakes’ six different offerings: Matcha Green Tea, Apple Cinnamon Raisin PIe, Caramel Macchiato, Mixed Berry, Double Strawberry and Peach Mango Ice Cake. The serving is huge! One order costs Php 238.

ice cake offerings at the suite room ayala cebu

  • Matcha Green Tea Ice Cake

My favorite. It’s not too sweet, and the slightly bitter taste of matcha perfectly cleanses the palate making it the perfect dish to cap off a full course meal. Matcha green tea paired with cream cheese is genius. I would have this all the time.

matcha green tea ice cream cake the suite room cebu.jpg
Matcha Ice Cake
  • Apple Cinnamon Raisin Pie Ice Cake

This is the frozen version of the All-American favorite dessert, the apple pie. I always have my apple pie warm, but this one I don’t mind served cold at all. The cinnamon smells tempting!

apple raisin walnut ice cake
Apple Cinnamon Raisin Pie
  • Caramel Macchiato Ice Cake

Caramel Macchiato is the frozen cake version of the beloved coffee drink. This is my friend Justinne’s favorite. Caramel Macchiato is rich, flavorful and sinful.

caramel macchiato ice cake.jpg
Caramel Macchiato Ice Cake
  • Mixed Berry Ice Cake

A surprising favorite to most of us! It’s something I would order to share with girlfriends who want to eat something sweet, but not be too guilty about it (Hey, it’s berries! High in antioxidants!)

mixed berry ice cream cake
Mixed Berry Ice Cake
  • Double Strawberry Ice Cake

Double Strawberry was another satisfying one. Probably children’s favorite, and my son could probably eat all this on his own. He hates sharing his desserts!

double strawberry ice cake the suite room.jpg
Double Strawberry Ice Cake
  • Peach Mango Pie Ice Cake

Another frozen version of the famous Jollibee Peach Mango Pie. Peaches and mangoes are always a great combination.

peach mango ice cake.jpg
Peach Mango Ice Cake

I’m no food blogger, so I’ve easily run out of things to say to describe food! Let us know what you think of The Suite Room’s ice cakes. Which flavor is your favorite?

The Suite Room – Ayala Branch is located at 4th Level, Ayala Center Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Ave Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Philippines.
Their Ramos Branch is located at 69 Lim Tian Teng Street (right beside Casa Verde), Ramos, Cebu City, Philippines.
For more information you can check out their Facebook page and official website.
Contact number: Ayala – (032) 266 3860 Ramos – (032) 254 0508
Opening Hours: Everyday from 10AM to 10PM

Postcard Eats: Hamakaze, Authentically Japanese


We gave a toast as we started drinking and eating in Hamakaze, a tiny restaurant nestled in A.S. Fortuna, right beside Oftana Suites and across the new Jollibee.

Admittedly, I am not so well-versed with the Japanese pop culture and like. I never got into the whole manga thing as a child; and despite having been to Japan before, my knowledge on Japan culture is dismal.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Thus, the invite to Hamakaze with the rest of the Cebu Bloggers Society was like a Japanese food crash course. Ramen shops have been popping up like mushrooms in Cebu lately, so getting some pointers on how to order in a ramen shop truly helps!

We were greeted by the owner Taka-san, a Japanese based in Singapore. Hamakaze is his 11th restaurant venture across Southeast Asia.

According to Taka-san, ramen is the national drunk food in Japan (as ‘pochero’ is in Cebu), hence they are open after hours–from 6PM until 5AM. Good news for the party goers (although this might change after Duterte’s curfew implementation…)

Price range per dish is around P230-P300. Click on the menu to see the hi-res version.

hamakaze japanese restaurant cebu menu 2hamakaze japanese restaurant cebu menu

To work up our appetite, we were served Gyoza, Japanese fried dumplings, Tori Kaage, Japanese-style fried chicken with Kimuchi Chahan, Japanese-style fried rice on the side. The Fried Chicken was a big hit. We paired the food with different types of iced tea, which were refreshing and not as sweet as what most of the restaurants in Cebu serve (if you like it sweeter, you can always ask for some sugar syrup).

Types of Ramen

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish

Call me ignorant, but I didn’t know there were that many types of ramen! I don’t want to go too technical, so here are just some of the basic types we got to try in the restaurant.

  1. Reimen (Cold Ramen)

cold ramen cebu japanese restaurant

Zaru Ramen is basically ramen without the broth–a kind of salad on a plate with different toppings. Taka-san shares that Zaru Ramen is seasonally offered in China, especially during summer season when it is too warm to have the typical hot ramen.


2. Yakisoba (Oily Ramen)

oily ramen hamakaze

Also ramen without the hot broth, but instead the noodles are stir-fried, tossed with different toppings on top.

3. Shoyu Ramen (Ramen with Clear Broth)

hot ramen cebu japanese

The most commonly known type,

4. Tonkotsu Ramen (Collagen Soup)

collagen soup ramen cebu

Tori Ramen or Collagen soup usually has a rich, cloudy broth, achieved by boiling pork bone, fat and collagen over high heat for at least eight hours.

Collagen is esteemed to have anti-aging effects reputed to be better than botox, with active ingredients that strengthen the joints, bones, skin and hair. Now–that makes this ramen my favorite!

5. Tsukemen (Japanese Dipping Noodles)

hamakaze as fortuna collagen

This is the most unique one I tried and a recommended must-have if you dine in Hamakaze! Japanese Dipping noodles consist of separate bowls, one containing noodles and another of the soup. Simply take a few strands of noodles and dip into the collagen soup!

Hamakaze is open daily from 12PM-3:30PM for lunch and 6:30PM-5AM for dinner and after hours. Hamakaze is located at AYS Bldg., A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City. Contact number: (032) 505-4220. Check their FB Page here.

Activities Around Cebu

I’ve lived in Cebu for almost a decade now, and I am still learning new things about this interesting city everyday. This part of the blog is my attempt to get to know more about Cebu: where to eat, dine, go out and party. To find Cebu’s hidden gems and obscure spots before they become lost forever. I need to be a comfortable fish in my chosen waters.

This list is constantly being updated!

Activities Around Cebu:

  • Salsa Nights  – every Wednesdays and Sundays at Maya Mexican Restaurant and
  • Slogos Nights at Sprockets Cafe Talamban – every Fridays 9:00PM to 11:00PM
  • Trivia Nights at Alejandro’s / Politics Bar – every Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:00PM to 11:00PM
  • Tabletop Nights – fancy board games? Find the board game community playing together every Mondays at Bubble Bee Teahouse.
  • Exit Now – for a different kind of night with the gang, this is a thrilling real-life escape game with five different themes. Exit Now is located in Times Square, Mandaue

Fit Around Cebu:

  • Salsa – Cebu Salsa Club at Epic Cebu, Escario and AS Fortuna Branch (Oakridge)
  • Pilates – Pilates Fit in City Sports Club
  • Yoga – YogaHub in Banilad Town Center, Surya Nanda in Escario. My favorite yoga teachers are Blanne from Yogahub and Claire from Surya Nanda!

Eats Around Cebu:

  • 10 Dove Street Confectionery – for pastries, desserts and cakes set in vintage candy shop interiors
  • Gibbs’ Hot Wings – best hot wings in town and a great selection of beers
  • Ampersand – for classy European food, wines and cheese
  • The Suite Room – their ice cakes are to die for.
  • Marissa’s Kitchen – famous cakes and pastries by Marissa Unchuan. She is most known for her customized and wedding cakes.
  • Tatang’s Boneless Lechon
  • Hamakaze Ramen – personally I consider them to have the best ramen in town, located in AS Fortuna
  • Cherry’s The Spice – formerly The Ranch along Banilad Rd, it has now transformed into an Indian restaurant. It took me months to find a truly authentic and good Indian place, and am happy to have discovered this place–and it’s so close to our place

Partying Around Cebu:


  • How to Party in CebuComplete Guide to Cebu Nightlife
  • Distillery
  • The Sentral – first all hiphop and r&b bar in town
  • LIV – biggest superclub in Cebu
  • Ibiza – oceanview lounge bar with a perfect view of the sunset in Movenpick Hotel and Resort

R&R Around Cebu:

  • Japanese Tea Lounge – located in J-Centre Mall, they offer wonderful tea and a free massage. They also have sparkling body jewelry or tattoo.
  • Wat Pho Thai Massage
  • Imperial Spa

Tourist Spots Around Cebu: