What’s not to love about London? From their British accents to Paddington bear, we can’t help but get infatuated with the city.

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All Filipino passport holders require a UK Visa if you plan to visit the following territories: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Here’s how to do it!



I’ve always dreamed of visiting London since I first saw that Lindsay Lohan movie ‘The Parent Trap’. It was my first recollection of hearing a British accent and I was sold into the British dream. Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, the Royal Family–these are just some things London is most known for. There’s so much to see and do in London!


Avoid getting into some language faux pas by educating yourself with these basic pronunciation on places in the UK.




stonehenge-salisbury-plain-uk-englandAs an art history teacher, this is among the first point of entry to the subject–Stonehenge, Lascaux cave paintings, Venus of WIllendorf and other prehistoric art. To finally be in England and the Stonehenge so nearby–I couldn’t pass it up.